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Correspondent: Ellie Hochenberg

In only a few days US president Donald trump will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two are set discuss, among other issues, the fate of Syria... And the ramifications it entails for Iran's presence in the Middle East. In a press conference earlier today in the UK, trump refrained from clearly addressing the Syrian question. But Israel, on the contrary, has a very clear vision on how an agreement on the matter should look like – Assad can stay, Iran must go away. Yet is it possible that on its way to reaching this goal… Israel compromises its relationship with the US? Here's more from our diplomatic correspondent Ellie Hochenberg

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister

Vladimir Putin

Russian President



Is Israel getting too close to Russia?

Netanyahu + putin

For the ninth time in less than three years Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian president Vladimir Putin got together. The topic of the discussion remains constant;

Netanyahu + putin

Benjamin Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister


It is clear that our focus is on Syria and Iran. Our view that Iran needs to leave Syria is well-known; it is not new to you.


Vladimir Putin


Russian President


We are aware of your concerns. Let us discuss them in detail


Jerusalem repeatedly stresses the importance and actual-on-the-ground significance of the strengthening ties with Moscow. But there are also those who find it somewhat dangerous… not Iran and not Syria... But Washington;

Netanyahu + putin

GFX “To our friends in Israel — be very careful making agreements with Russia re Syria that affect U.S. interests,” is what prominent US senator Lindsey Graham tweeted in the aftermath of the Putin Netanyahu meeting. Graham said he does not trust Russia to police Iran or anyone else in Syria, adding the US must maintain its presence there.



Graham visuals




a day later, Netanyahu told reporters that for 40 years there wasn’t any problem with the assad regime… and that the focus is getting iran as far away as possible from israeli borders.

Netanyahu in Moscow 



The South Carolina senator once again headed to twitter…


GFX Just to be clear, graham wrote, Without Iran or Hezbollah, Syria’s Assad would not be in power and would not have the ability to slaughter almost a half-million Syrians. Without Assad’s blessing, the flags of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard would not be on Israel’s front door.




Graham is known for his pro-Israel opinions. No one can claim he has any intention  of undermining Israel's efforts to maintain its security. But perhaps at a time in which the interests of the future are blurring the truths of the past… friends are there to remind one another where they came from… and warn them about where they want to go

Graham visuals






Netanyahu taking off and waving

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Correspondent: Mohamad Al-Kassim




For the first time in more than seven years, the Syrian military raised its national flag over the city of Daraa on Thursday.

Dubbed the cradle of the revolution, it was here back in 2011 when thousands of Syrians took to the streets demanding political and social reforms….

They were met with fire.

Taking control of Syria's southwest is essential for President Bashar Assad as it cements his grip on power.

Assad’s forces now control over 70 percent of the country.

Just a few years ago, Assad was gasping for air and desperately trying to stay alive.

But the intervention of Iran and Hezbollah, along with the backing of Russian forces in late 2015, saw a turn of the tide.

This is how Assad was able to capture the entire northern city of Aleppo, Syria's financial capital, in late 2016.

Then through regional reconciliation agreements, and fierce military offensives, more and more territory fell under pro-government control.

In May of 2017, pro-government forces re-took the central city of Homs, and earlier this year Syrian military supported by the Russian air force recaptured Eastern Ghutta near the capital Damascus from the rebels…

Assad forces continue to gain ground, pushing rebels northwest to the province of Idlib ….. Perhaps the last battle ground between the Syrian military & armed opposition. 

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Correspondent: Emily Rose


LEDE: The West Bank Bedouin encampment of Khan al-Amar has long been a point of contention, with the Israeli government deciding to delay its slated demolition. Middle East Correspondent Emily Rose takes a deeper look at claims to keep the village intact and those calling for its demise.




Muhammed Odeh Muhammed Jabreen, Khan Al-Ahmar Resident


Ralph Tarraf, EU Representative


Yishai, Regavim Organization Spokesman




A temporary victory for activists.


Israel's Supreme Court extended the suspension of the planned demolition of a Bedouin village in the West Bank.


SOT - RESIDENT OF KHAN AL-AHMAR, MUHAMMED ODEH MUHAMMED JABAREEN: "We were born in this community and we grew up in this community, and hopefully we will die in this community. The situation in this community has gotten really difficult, and day by day the tension is increasing whether caused by settlers or by their followers. This community is in a difficult state."

International pressure to the move had the desired impact.

SOT (English) Ralph Tarraf, EU representative: "Well we have made our point clear that we would like this community to continue to live on their land. We believe they have the right to stay here and to remain here and we will do what is available to us as possibilities to press upon the Israelis that this community needs to be able to stay here." 

Israel claims the encampment, home to some 180 residents, was built without proper construction permits.

Security officials told i24NEWS that the state is currently unable to provide these residents with proper access to water and electric, and a relocation plan, being offered by the government, would provide safe housing and proper infrastructure some 12 kilometers away.

Officials also stressed that current buildings are unsafe, and don't meet Israeli building code standards. They also said alternate plans had been offered to residents over the past ten years, but none were accepted.  

But residents and activists claim they were unfairly denied permission to build and pressure leading up to the decision saw clashes erupt between protestors and police.

While some Israeli organizations are lobbying to increase Jewish presence in the region.

SOT – Yishai, Regavim Organization spokesman- Khan al Ahmar is essentially an illegal outpost which was built towards the end of the 1990's. Before that, in the 70's there were just a few Bedouin who lived in the area, but in the 90's they began to increase their presence, and all that with the aid of the Palestinian Authority.

As the court decided the decision must be made no later than Aug. 15th,  the victory may be short-lived.

Emily Rose, i24NEWS



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Correspondent: Daniel Tsemach










Thousands of syrians have been treated by Israel's humanitarian mission codenamed operation good neighbor. But one young girl has a remarkable story, of how israel's assistance changed her life forever, Daniel Tsemach shares her story in the following report




MAJOR/ DOCTOR SIRGEI KUTIKOV, Head of Medical Team, Operation Good Neighbor




Israsel's Operation Good neighbor is geared to providing aid and treatment to syrians injured in the syrian civil war.


Whether they be children or adults, with various different injuries


Major Sergei kutikov is the doctor responsible for the medical operations and treatment in operation good neighbor. 




The moment we realized that there was no basic medical infrastructure there, we knew we had to fill the void - since we have treated over 1200 syrian children.



Some children get life saving treatment, other food and clothing, o


And some get a different type of support


A 13 year old Syrian who lost her leg over 2 years ago, first entered an Israeli clinic 1 year ago, with only crutches that she could barley use


She was given a prostetic leg, and this is the first time she stood up


The working assumption was that her limb was lost by mortar explosion, according to Kutikov


She walked back and forth with her new prostetic leg and crutches until she decided to put the crutches down


and then the special moment


For the first time since her injury she was actually made able to walk


Without cruthces to support her.


Maybe not lifesaving treatment, but CERTAINLY a life changing moment.


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Correspondent: Owen Alterman



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Meetings between U.S. presidents and British prime ministers used to be chummy affairs. And, maybe, when U.S. President Donald Trump visited British Prime Minister Theresa May, THAT’S the way it was. But the meeting was at least awkward, given what a British newspaper had reported about an interview with the U.S. president. As ever with Donald Trump, a day of personal drama. This time, pasted onto a key international relationship. Senior International Affairs Correspondent Owen Alterman has more.


1)     Donald Trump, U.S. President

2)     Donald Trump, U.S. President

3)     Elizabeth Sharma, Anti-Trump Protester


SOT, Donald Trump, U.S. President (Reuters 5192 @ 0:23):

“Once the Brexit process is concluded and perhaps the UK has left the EU - I don’t know what they’re going to do. But whatever you do is okay with me. That’s your decision. Whatever you’re going to do is OK with us.”

THAT was U.S. President Donald Trump in the afternoon sun.

…Talking about the Sun from the morning. And the interview IT ran, blaring from its front page. An interview run the same DAY Trump would be meeting British Prime Minister Theresa May.

In the interview, Trump said May didn’t TAKE his advice on Brexit. And that Boris Johnson—the man who might challenge May—would be a “great prime minister.”

Trump said the reporting was NOT fair.

SOT, Donald Trump, U.S. President (Reuters 5194 @ 0:22):

“…it didn't put in what I said about the prime minister, and I said tremendous things. Fortunately we tend to record stories now so we have it for your enjoyment if you like it…”

At the Chequers country estate, the theme was Britain’s FRIENDSHIP with Trump. And the free trade deal both leaders said they want.


…In the streets of London, the theme was Britain’s ANGER at Trump. The now-famous balloon hovering above. Thousands and thousands of protesters filling the streets.

SOT, Elizabeth Sharma, Anti-Trump Protester (Reuters 5009 @ 1:35):

“Because I am fed up with the way Trump is trying to manipulate the world into his, well, almost Nazi views.”


Linked by history and culture, Britain and the U.S. have LONG had a special relationship. Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, side by side in the depths of World War II. Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush with Margaret Thatcher, sharing a worldview. George W. Bush and Tony Blair, with the British prime minister taking political risks at home to back the U.S. in the Iraq War.

And now? An effort to reach out. An effort to SHOUT out. A special relationship. Status: “It’s complicated.”

Owen Alterman, i24NEWS


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Correspondent: Jordana Miller

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