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Correspondent: Emily Rose

LEDE: Another bloody day in the Syrian civil war as a deadly airstrike was reported in the early of hours Friday morning. Beneath the rubble, civilians in critical condition wait to be rescued and behind the diplomatic curtain, one key player is asserting its dominance hinting at what might become of this war ton region. Middle East Correspondent Emily Rose reports.


VLADIMIR PUTIN, Russian President


Rescue workers are hoping to find survivors.

An airstrike has killed at least 44 people in the rebel held province of Idlib, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The British based monitor said the attack was likely from the Kremlin.

SOT - GRAPHIC - “War planes, which are likely Russian, targeted the village of Zardana in northern rural Idlib overnight and caused the highest death toll in a single attack on the region including 11 women and six children,” - Rami Abdulrahman, Director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights


Northwestern Idlib is the largest populated rebel-held area of Syria and one of the last remaining enclaves battling the Assad government .TSP_IDLIB_MAP_VO_EN_080618

This is the deadliest attack in the region since the start of the year, and the number of dead is expected to rise. 

Meanwhile, Russia signaled it won't be exiting the region anytime soon. 

SOT -RUSSIAN PRESIDENT, VLADIMIR PUTIN - "Our forces are deployed there to secure Russia's interests in this vital region of the world which is very close to our territory. And they will remain in Syria as long as it is beneficial for Russia." 

Russia intervened in Syria in 2015, tipping the scale in favor of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Now, as rebels are being cornered into submission, it seems Russia will rise as top dog.

But Putin affirmed Russia could withdraw from Syria quite easily.

SOT - RUSSIAN PRESIDENT, VLADIMIR PUTIN:"We are not yet planning a withdrawal of these military units. But I will draw your attention at the fact that I did not call these deployment points bases. We are not building long-term facilities there and if needed we could fairly quickly withdraw our troops without material losses."

Still, for the civilians on the ground, the bloody battle seems endless.


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Correspondent: Jordana Miller

Intro:  Last week, Israelis living in at the Gaza border communities took a pounding from militant rocket-fire. No one was hurt thanks to the Iron Dome – but it was still a stress-filled few days for families and their children. We went to meet one of those families who recently moved to the area, to see how they coped with the rocket-fire. The Adlers went to Nachal Oz seeking a simpler and better life and they still believe that’s what they’re getting despite the violence.  Jordana Miller has that story.


(nats red alert sirens from app) 150 sirens went off in less than 24 hours at the end of May...explosions lit up the skies as the Iron Dome shot down more than two dozen mortars and rockets fired by Gaza militants…


Most residents here on Kibbutz Nachal Oz – which sits less than ½ a mile from the Gaza border – they’re used to the rocket-fire…


But not the Adlers. 


Amir and Naomi moved here just  8 months ago…they’re still adjusting to sirens that give you just seconds to take cover…


Naomi Adler

Nachal Oz Resident

SOT: “This was my first time. And know have 15 seconds.  So I told my boy here let’s go to your room and get a book. Run. Run. Run. And I picked the baby up and we went into their room which is the “safe room.”


Amir was working in the orchard fields when the sirens wailed…too far to run back home…


Amir Adler

Nachal Oz Resident

SOT: “I was constantly thinking of the family back at home. Cuz I know it’s a time that they’re getting ready and sometimes they are already out of the house.”


The violence and sirens continued through the night…


Naomi Adler

Nachal Oz Resident

SOT: Because we’re new at this, we didn’t know that the best and smartest thing is to do is to just bring a mattress into their room, close the door and just sleep there. Everyone together.  We slept in our bed, so we were running back and forth all night.


Walk and Talk – Adler home

Jordana:  Sirens went off again last night, what did you do?


Naomi – we were sound asleep, my husband and I. We jumped and ran into the kid’s room which is the safe room. So we ran inside. We closed the door behind us and we just sat here for a moment.


Jordana: Did the kids wake up at all?


Naomi: No. The kids thankfully stayed asleep.


Jordana: Were you scared?


Naomi: No. You don’t get scared.  No because you understand that nothing is going to happen to you. You are nervous and your anxious and your stressed because you don’t know if this is only one siren or if this is now a lot of them.  That’s the hard part.


Amir shows us what makes his sons’ bedroom a safe room…Steel white plates can cover the windows to protect against shrapnel … should there be an explosion nearby…it also has a reinforced door and special air circulation system…


The sirens and threat of rockets have failed to dampen the Adlers’s enthusiasm about living in Nachal Oz…


Naomi Adler

Nachal Oz Resident

SOT: We want to know our neighbors. We want to be able to be outside with some green grass. We want to have our kids run around and play and get dirty. I’m really happy that we are here.  I’m happy we moved. It feels like the right thing.


Jordana Miller i24 News Kibbutz Nachal Oz


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Correspondent: Alec Pollard


In the UK, the arrest of one contraversiol activist has caused a storm on social Media, as well as widespread street protests both in Britain and overseas. Alec Pollard has the story


DR. BRIAN THOMAS, Writer and Commentator

MARK LEWIS, Media Lawyer Partner, Seddons Solicitors
GEERT WILDERS, Dutch Politician, Leader of 'the Party for Freedom'

Tommy: the content of what I'm streaming, I'm being arrested for breaching the peace, I'm being arrested for breaching the peace, you’ve all watched this, you’ve all watched this

That was a video from the phone of controversial anti-islamist activist tommy Robinson, being arrested for live streaming a rape trial outside a courthouse in Leeds.

Robinson said to be reporting on a trial of a child grooming gang.  A well-documented Phenomenon in Britain of gangs of mostly Muslim men 'grooming' young girls and then sexually exploiting them. known for his stance against Islamic extremism in Britain, Robinson was hustled into a car by police, and brought before a judge within hours, where he pleaded guilty, for 'contempt of court' and sentenced to 13 months in prison.  A gag order was placed on the proceedings. Robinson's supporters protested the speed of the indictment and jailing:


DR. BRIAN THOMAS, Writer and Commentator
the gag order that was placed on his case just after he was tried and convicted all in the space of 5 hours, by a judge who heard his case for 5 minutes, when he was supposed to have reviewed 1 hour and 15 minutes of live streaming.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephon Lenon, has had numerous encounters with the law in the past

He founded the English Defense League in 2009, after witnessing recruitment for the Taliban outside a local bakery in his town of Luton with the stated goal

Of fighting Islamism and Sharia in the UK,  but many critics claimed the group holds racist anti-Muslim views.

The EDL marches often led to clashes with police and counter demonstrators. Robinson left the EDL in 2013, citing rising racism and extremism in the organization, but was arrested in 2014 for mortgage fraud and again in 2017 for filming inside a courthouse, a move which led to his most recent verdict


MARK LEWIS, Media Lawyer Partner, Seddons Solicitors
"Tommy had previously been given a suspended sentence for contempt of court. The judges said as long as you don’t do this again you won't be sent to prison, but he did do this again and that’s why he was sent to prison."

But swift t indictment, along with the silencing of the press, has raised serious questions about freedom of speech in Britain as well as accusations of a witch hunt against Robinson.
an online petition for his release has received over half a million signatures . Thousands of Robinson's supporters have protested the arrest in and outside of the UK including extreme right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders of the Netherlands

GEERT WILDERS, Dutch Politician, Leader of 'the Party for Freedom'

"Britain used to be a bastion of free speech, Today its authorities are behaving like Saudi Arabia and North Korea"

A massive 'free-tommy' rally is scheduled in London on Saturday, with anti racism demonstrators expected to hold counter rallies as well. Whatever the outcome, the events are another example of growing tensions between British public, mainstream media and the judicial system.

Alec Pollard i24NEWS

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Correspondent: Rony Stav

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Correspondent: Daniel Tsemach

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